U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Aug 11, 2022

§ 549.2 - Disqualifying provisions.

No plan or trust which contains any one of the following provisions shall be deemed to meet the requirements of a bona fide profit-sharing plan or trust under section 7(e)(3)(b) of the Act:

(a) If the share of any individual employee is determined in substance on the basis of attendance, quality or quantity of work, rate of production, or efficiency;

(b) If the amount to be paid periodically by the employer into the fund or trust to be distributed to the employees is a fixed sum;

(c) If periodic payments of minimum amounts to the employees are guaranteed by the employer;

(d) If any individual employee's share, by the terms of the plan or trust, is set at a predetermined fixed sum or is so limited as to provide in effect for the payment of a fixed sum, or is limited to or set at a predetermined specified rate per hour or other unit of work or worktime;

(e) If the employer's contributions or allocations to the fund or trust to be distributed to the employees are based on factors other than profits such as hours of work, production, efficiency, sales or savings in cost.