U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Apr 01, 2023

§ 780.711 - Exemption of mixed business applies only to country elevators.

The language of section 13(b)(14) permitting application of the exemption to country elevators selling products and services used in the operation of a farm does not extend the exemption to an establishment selling products and services to farmers merely because of the fact that it is also equipped to provide elevator services to its customers. The exemption will not apply if the extent of its business of making sales to farmers is such that the establishment is not commonly known as a “country elevator” or is commonly recognized as an establishment of a different kind. As the legislative history of the exemption indicates, its purpose is limited to exempting country elevators that market farm products, mostly grain, for farmers who are working long workweeks and need to have the elevator facilities open and available for disposal of their crops during the same hours that are worked by the farmers. (See 107 Cong. Rec. (daily ed.) p.5883.) The reason for the exemption does not justify its application to employees selling products and services to farmers otherwise than as an incidental and subordinate part of the business of a country elevator as commonly recognized. An establishment making such sales must be “such an establishment” to come within this exemption. An employer may, however, be engaged in the business of making sales of goods and services to farmers in an establishment separate from the one in which he provides the recognized country elevator services. In such event, the exemption of employees who work in both establishments may depend on whether the work in the sales establishment comes within another exemption provided by the Act. (See Remington v. Shaw (W.D. Mich.), 2 WH Cases 262, and infra, § 780.724.)