U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Mar 29, 2023

§ 780.809 - Employees engaged in exempt operations.

Employees engaged in actual ginning operations, as described in § 780.804 will come within the exemption if all other conditions of section 13(b)(15) are met. The following activities are among those within the meaning of the term “engaged in ginning of cotton”:

(a) “Spotting” vehicles in the gin yard or in nearby areas before or after being weighed.

(b) Moving vehicles in the gin yard or from nearby areas to the “Suction” and reparking them subsequently.

(c) Weighing the seed cotton prior to ginning, weighing lint cotton and seed subsequent to ginning (including preparation of weight records and tickets in connection with weighing operations).

(d) Placing seed cotton in temporary storage at the gin and removing the cotton from such storage to be ginned.

(e) Operating the suction feed.

(f) Operating the gin stands and power equipment.

(g) Making gin repairs during the ginning season.

(h) Operating the press, including the handling of bagging and ties in connection with the ginning operations of that gin.

(i) Removing bales from the press to holding areas on or near the gin premises.

(j) Others whose work is so directly and physically connected with the ginning process itself that it constitutes an integral part of its actual performance.