U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Mar 27, 2023

§ 780.917 - “Within the same State.”

To qualify for exemption under section 13(b)(16), the transportation of the fruits or vegetables must be made to the specified places “within the same State” in which the farm is located. Transportation is made to a place “within the same State” when the commodities are taken from the farm, hauled and delivered within the same State to first markets or first processors for sale or processing at the place of delivery. The exemption is not provided for transportation to any place of first marketing or first processing across State lines and does not apply to any part of the transportation within the State of fruits or vegetables destined for a place in another State at which they are to be first marketed or first processed. Transportation from the farm to an intermediate point in such a journey located within the same State would not qualify for exemption; it would make no difference that the intermediate point is a place of first marketing or first processing for other fruits or vegetables if it is not actually such for the fruits or vegetables being transported. On the other hand, where the place to which fruits or vegetables are transported from the farm within the same State is actually the place of first marketing or first processing of those very commodities, transportation of the goods across State lines by the first-market operator or first processor, after such delivery to him within the State, does not affect the nature of the delivery to him as one made within the State.