U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Mar 27, 2023

§ 780.921 - Persons “employed or to be employed” in fruit or vegetable harvesting.

The exemption applies to the transportation of persons “employed or to be employed” in the harvesting of fruits or vegetables. Included in this phrase are persons who at the time of transportation are currently employed in harvesting fruits or vegetables and others who, regardless of their occupation at such time, are being transported to be employed in such harvesting. The conveying of persons to a farm from a factory, packinghouse or processing plant would be exempt where their transportation is for the purpose of their employment in harvesting the named commodities. On the other hand, the transportation of harvest workers, who have been employed in the fruit or vegetable harvest, to such a plant for the purpose of their employment in the plant would not be exempt. The transportation must come within the intended scope of section 13(b)(16) which is to provide exemption for “transportation of the harvest crew to and from the farm” (see 107 Cong. Rec. daily ed. p. 4523).