U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Aug 18, 2022

§ 793.14 - Employed by.

The application of the exemption is limited to employees “employed by” a radio or television station. The question whether a worker is employed “by” a radio or television station depends on the particular facts. (See Rutherford Food Corporation v. McComb, 331 U.S. 722; U.S. v. Silk, 331 U.S. 704.) In general, however, an employee is so employed where he is hired by the radio or television station, engages in its work, is paid by the radio or television station and is under its supervision and control. Employees of independent contractors and of others who work for a radio or television station but who are not “employed by” such station are not exempt under this exemption even if they engage in the named occupation. (Mitchell v. Kroger, 248, F. 2d 935.)