U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 4010.3 - Filing requirement.

(a) General. Except as provided in § 4010.8(c) (relating to exempt plans) and except where one or more waivers under § 4010.11 apply, each filer must submit to PBGC annually, on or before the due date specified in § 4010.10, all information specified in § 4010.6(a) with respect to all members of a controlled group and all plans maintained by members of the filer's controlled group. Under § 4000.3(b) of this chapter, except as otherwise provided by PBGC, the information must be submitted electronically in accordance with the instructions on PBGC's Web site, http://www.pbgc.gov.

(b) Single controlled group submission. Any filer or other person may submit the information specified in § 4010.6(a) on behalf of one or more members of a filer's controlled group.

[70 FR 11544, Mar. 9, 2005, as amended at 74 FR 11029, Mar. 16, 2009]