U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Aug 16, 2022

§ 4220.1 - Purpose and scope.

(a) General. This part establishes procedures under which a plan sponsor shall request the PBGC to approve a plan amendment under section 4220 of ERISA. This part applies to all multiemployer plans covered by title IV of ERISA that adopt amendments pursuant to the authorization of sections 4201-4219 of ERISA (except for amendments adopted pursuant to section 4211(c)(5)). (The covered amendments are set forth in paragraph (b) of this section.) The subsequent modification of a plan amendment adopted by authorization of those sections is also covered by this part. This part does not, however, cover a plan amendment that merely repeals a previously adopted amendment, returning the plan to the statutorily prescribed rule.

(b) Covered amendments. Amendments made pursuant to the following sections of ERISA are covered by this part:

(1) Section 4203 (b)(1)(B)(ii).

(2) Section 4203(c)(4).

(3) Section 4205(c)(1).

(4) Section 4205(d).

(5) Section 4209(b).

(6) Section 4210(b)(2).

(7) Section 4211(c)(1).

(8) Section 4211(c)(4)(D).

(9) Section 4211(d)(1).

(10) Section 4211(d)(2).

(11) Section 4219(c)(1)(C)(ii)(I).

(12) Section 4219(c)(1)(C)(iii).

(c) Exception. Submission of a request for approval under this part is not required for a plan amendment for which the PBGC has published a notice in the Federal Register granting class approval.