U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 4221.14 - PBGC-approved arbitration procedures.

(a) Use of PBGC-approved arbitration procedures. In lieu of the procedures prescribed by this part, an arbitration may be conducted in accordance with an alternative arbitration procedure approved by the PBGC in accordance with paragraph (c) of this section. A plan may by plan amendment require the use of a PBGC-approved procedure for all arbitrations of withdrawal liability disputes, or the parties may agree to the use of a PBGC-approved procedure in a particular case.

(b) Scope of alternative procedures. If an arbitration is conducted in accordance with a PBGC-approved arbitration procedure, the alternative procedure shall govern all aspects of the arbitration, with the following exceptions:

(1) The time limits for the initiation of arbitration may not differ from those provided for by § 4221.3.

(2) The arbitrator shall be selected after the initiation of the arbitration.

(3) The arbitrator shall give the parties opportunity for prehearing discovery substantially equivalent to that provided by § 4221.5(a)(2).

(4) The award shall be made available to the public to at least the extent provided by § 4221.8(g).

(5) The costs of arbitration shall be allocated in accordance with § 4221.10.

(c) Procedure for approval of alternative procedures. The PBGC may approve arbitration procedures on its own initiative by publishing an appropriate notice in the Federal Register. The sponsor of an arbitration procedure may request PBGC approval of its procedures by submitting an application to the PBGC. The application shall include:

(1) A copy of the procedures for which approval is sought;

(2) A description of the history, structure and membership of the organization that sponsors the procedures; and

(3) A discussion of the reasons why, in the sponsoring organization's opinion, the procedures satisfy the criteria for approval set forth in this section.

(d) Criteria for approval of alternative procedures. The PBGC shall approve an application if it determines that the proposed procedures will be substantially fair to all parties involved in the arbitration of a withdrawal liability dispute and that the sponsoring organization is neutral and able to carry out its role under the procedures. The PBGC may request comments on the application by publishing an appropriate notice in the Federal Register. Notice of the PBGC's decision on the application shall be published in the Federal Register. Unless the notice of approval specifies otherwise, approval will remain effective until revoked by the PBGC through a Federal Register notice.

[61 FR 34109, July 1, 1996, as amended at 68 FR 61356, Oct. 28, 2003]