U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Aug 08, 2022

§ 4233.8 - Participant census data.

An application for partition must include a copy of the census data used for the projections described in § 4233.7(a)(3) and (5), including:

(a) Participant type (retiree, beneficiary, disabled, terminated vested, active, alternate payee).

(b) Date of birth.

(c) Gender.

(d) Credited service for guarantee calculation (i.e., number of years of participation).

(e) Vested accrued monthly benefit before benefit suspension under section 305(e)(9) of ERISA.

(f) Vested accrued monthly benefit after benefit suspension under section 305(e)(9) of ERISA.

(g) Monthly benefit guaranteed by PBGC (determined under the terms of the original plan without respect to benefit suspensions).

(h) Benefit commencement date (for participants in pay status and others for which the reported benefit is not payable at Normal Retirement Date).

(i) For each participant in pay status -

(1) Form of payment, and

(2) Data relevant to the form of payment, including:

(i) For a joint and survivor benefit, the beneficiary's benefit amount (before and after suspension) and the beneficiary's date of birth;

(ii) For a Social Security level income benefit, the date of any change in the benefit amount, and the benefit amount after such change;

(iii) For a 5-year certain or 10-year certain benefit (or similar benefit), the relevant defined period.

(iv) For a form of payment not otherwise described in this section, the data necessary for the valuation of the form of payment, including the benefit amount before and after suspension.

(j) If an actuarial increase for postponed retirement applies or if the form of annuity is a Social Security level income option, the monthly vested benefit payable at normal retirement age in normal form of annuity.

[80 FR 79694, Dec. 23, 2015]