U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Mar 25, 2023

§ 4901.17 - Expedited action on requests and appeals.

(a) In general. Upon a request submitted in accordance with paragraph (b) of this section, PBGC will expedite a disclosure request under § 4901.11 or an appeal under § 4901.15 if PBGC determines that the requester has demonstrated one of the following:

(1) The disclosure request or appeal involves circumstances in which the lack of expedited action could reasonably be expected to pose an imminent threat to the life or physical safety of an individual or the loss of an individual's substantial due process rights.

(2) The requester is primarily engaged in disseminating information and the disclosure request or appeal is urgently needed to inform the public about an actual or alleged Federal Government activity.

(b) Timing and method of request. A request for PBGC to expedite a disclosure request or an appeal may be made at any time and must be made by mail, in-person delivery, or electronic telecommunication in accordance with the FOIA instructions on PBGC's website, www.pbgc.gov.

(c) Action on request. (1) PBGC will notify the requester within 10 calendar days of receipt of a request for expedited action whether PBGC will expedite a disclosure request or an appeal.

(2) Request granted. If PBGC determines that the request for expedited action will be granted, PBGC will take action on the disclosure request or the appeal as soon as practicable.

(3) Request denied. If PBGC determines that the request for expedited action will be denied, PBGC will so advise the requester in writing with a brief statement of the reasons for the denial. The writing will also include the name and title or position of the person(s) responsible for the denial, outline the appeal procedure available, and notify the requester of the right to seek dispute resolution services from a PBGC FOIA Public Liaison or the Office of Government Information Services. PBGC will act on any appeal of that decision expeditiously.

[87 FR 43996, July 25, 2022]