U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1912.8 - Committee charters.

(a) Filing. No advisory committee shall take any action or conduct any business subsequent to January 5, 1973, until a committee charter has been filed with the Secretary of Labor, the standing committees of the Congress having legislative jurisdiction of the Department of Labor and the Library of Congress.

(b) Committee charter information. Each Advisory committee charter shall contain the following information:

(1) The committee's official designation;

(2) The committee's objectives and scope of activity; i.e., the standard or standards to be developed;

(3) The period of time necessary for the committee to carry out its purposes;

(4) The agency to whom the advisory committee reports (i.e., the Assistant Secretary);

(5) The agency responsible for providing support (i.e., the Occupational Safety and Health Administration);

(6) Description of the committee's duties;

(7) The estimated number and frequency of committee meetings;

(8) The estimated annual operating costs in dollars and man-years;

(9) The committee's termination date or other fixed period of termination, if less than 2 years (see § 1912.3(j) concerning the Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health); and

(10) The date the charter is filed with the Department of Labor's Committee Management Officer.

(c) Applicability of this section to subgroups The applicability of this section to subgroups of an advisory committee depends upon the nature of the subgroup. With regard to formal subgroups, such as a formal subcommittee of an advisory committee, the requisite information should be set forth either in the charter of the parent committee or in a separate charter. Informal subgroups of an advisory committee, particularly those temporary in nature, need not be reflected expressly in a charter.

(d) The Assistant Secretary shall file each charter with the Department's Committee Management Officer.