U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Aug 09, 2022

§ 1203.1 - Mediation services.

Applications for the mediation services of the National Mediation Board under section 5, First, of the Railway Labor Act, may be made on printed forms N.M.B. 2, copies of which may be secured from the Board's Chief of Staff's Office or on the Internet at www.nmb.gov. Such applications and all correspondence connected therewith should be submitted in duplicate. The application should show the exact nature of the dispute, the number of employees involved, name of the carrier and name of the labor organization, date of agreement between the parties, if any, date and copy of notice served by the invoking party to the other and date of final conference between the parties. Application should be signed by the highest officer of the carrier who has been designated to handle disputes under the Railway Labor Act, or by the chief executive of the labor organization, whichever party files the application. These applications, after preliminary investigation in the Board's offices, are given docket number in series “A” and the cases are assigned for mediation to Board members or to mediators on the Board's staff.

[11 FR 177A-923, Sept. 11, 1946. Redesignated at 13 FR 8740, Dec. 30, 1948, as amended at 64 FR 40287, July 26, 1999]