U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Aug 08, 2022

§ 1208.7 - Subpoenas and other requests for testimony and production of documents in legal proceedings where the NMB is not a party.

(a) In legal proceedings between private litigants, a subpoena or other demand for the production of records held by the Agency or for oral or written testimony of a current or former NMB employee should be addressed to the General Counsel, National Mediation Board, 1301 K Street NW., Suite 250E, Washington, DC 20005. No other official or employee of the NMB is authorized to accept service of a demand or subpoena on behalf of the Agency.

(b) No current or former employee may produce official records or information or provide testimony in response to a demand or subpoena unless authorized by the General Counsel.

(c) The General Counsel may grant an employee permission to testify or produce official records or information in response to a demand or subpoena. In making this determination, the General Counsel shall consider whether:

(1) Release of the requested records or testimony is prohibited under § 1208.5;

(2) The disclosure is appropriate under the rules of procedure governing the case or matter;

(3) The requested testimony or records are privileged under the relevant substantive law concerning privilege;

(4) Disclosure would violate a statute or regulation;

(5) Disclosure would reveal trade secrets without the owner's consent; and

(6) Allowing testimony or production of records would be in the best interest of the NMB or the United States.