U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 05, 2022

§ 25.7 - Fees; cost; expenses; decisions.

(a) Arbitrator's fees, per diem and travel expenses, and election expenses for notices, ballots, postage, rentals, assistance, etc., shall be borne entirely by the agency.

(b) The standard fee for the services of an arbitrator should be $100 per day. Travel and per diem should be paid at the maximum rate payable to Government employees under the Standardized Government Travel Regulations.

(c) The agency should provide the arbitrator with a copy of the transcript of testimony taken at the hearing, such transcript to be returned to the agency upon the issuance of the arbitrator's advisory decision.

(d) Costs involving assistance rendered by the Secretary's Office in connection with advisory decisions or determinations under section 11 of the order shall be limited to per diem, travel expenses and services on a time-worked basis.

(e) Upon request, the Secretary will make available copies of advisory decisions of arbitrators.