U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jun 27, 2022

§ 30.8 - Targeted outreach, recruitment, and retention.

(a) Minimum activities required. Where a sponsor has found underutilization and established a utilization goal for a specific group or groups pursuant to § 30.6 and/or where a sponsor has determined pursuant to § 30.7(f) that there are problem areas resulting in impediments to equal employment opportunity, the sponsor must undertake targeted outreach, recruitment, and retention activities that are likely to generate an increase in applications for apprenticeship and improve retention of apprentices from the targeted group or groups and/or from individuals with disabilities, as appropriate. In furtherance of this requirement, the sponsor must:

(1) Set forth in its written affirmative action plan the specific targeted outreach, recruitment, and retention activities it plans to take for the upcoming program year. Such activities must include at a minimum:

(i) Dissemination of information to organizations serving the underutilized group regarding the nature of apprenticeship, requirements for selection for apprenticeship, availability of apprenticeship opportunities, and the equal opportunity pledge of the sponsor. These organizations may include: Community-based organizations; local high schools; local community colleges; local vocational, career and technical schools; and local workforce system partners including One Stop Career Centers;

(ii) Advertising openings for apprenticeship opportunities by publishing advertisements in appropriate media which have wide circulation in the relevant recruitment areas;

(iii) Cooperation with local school boards and vocational education systems to develop and/or establish relationships with pre-apprenticeship programs targeting students from the underutilized group to prepare them to meet the standards and criteria required to qualify for entry into apprenticeship programs; and

(iv) Establishment of linkage agreements or partnerships enlisting the assistance and support of pre-apprenticeship programs, community-based organizations, advocacy organizations, or other appropriate organizations, in recruiting qualified individuals for apprenticeship;

(2) Evaluate and document after every selection cycle for registering apprentices the overall effectiveness of such activities;

(3) Refine its targeted outreach, recruitment, and retention activities as needed; and

(4) Maintain records of its targeted outreach, recruitment, and retention activities and records related to its evaluation of these activities.

(b) Other activities. In addition to the activities set forth in paragraph (a) of this section, as a matter of best practice, sponsors are encouraged but not required to consider other outreach, recruitment, and retention activities that may assist sponsors in addressing any barriers to equal opportunity in apprenticeship. Such activities include but are not limited to:

(1) Enlisting the use of journeyworkers from the underutilized group or groups to assist in the implementation of the sponsor's affirmative action program;

(2) Enlisting the use of journeyworkers from the underutilized group or groups to mentor apprentices and to assist with the sponsor's targeted outreach and recruitment activities; and

(3) Conducting exit interviews of each apprentice who leaves the sponsor's apprenticeship program prior to receiving a certificate of completion to understand better why the apprentice is leaving the program and to help shape the sponsor's retention activities.