U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 200.443 - Gains and losses on disposition of depreciable assets.

(a) Gains and losses on the sale, retirement, or other disposition of depreciable property must be included in the year in which they occur as credits or charges to the asset cost grouping(s) in which the property was included. The amount of the gain or loss to be included as a credit or charge to the appropriate asset cost grouping(s) is the difference between the amount realized on the property and the undepreciated basis of the property.

(b) Gains and losses from the disposition of depreciable property must not be recognized as a separate credit or charge under the following conditions:

(1) The gain or loss is processed through a depreciation account and is reflected in the depreciation allowable under §§ 200.436 and 200.439.

(2) The property is given in exchange as part of the purchase price of a similar item and the gain or loss is taken into account in determining the depreciation cost basis of the new item.

(3) A loss results from the failure to maintain permissible insurance, except as otherwise provided in § 200.447.

(4) Compensation for the use of the property was provided through use allowances in lieu of depreciation.

(5) Gains and losses arising from mass or extraordinary sales, retirements, or other dispositions must be considered on a case-by-case basis.

(c) Gains or losses of any nature arising from the sale or exchange of property other than the property covered in paragraph (a) of this section, e.g., land, must be excluded in computing Federal award costs.

(d) When assets acquired with Federal funds, in part or wholly, are disposed of, the distribution of the proceeds must be made in accordance with §§ 200.310 through 200.316 of this part.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 79 FR 75886, Dec. 19, 2014; 85 FR 49568, Aug. 13, 2020]