U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 200.472 - Termination costs.

Termination of a Federal award generally gives rise to the incurrence of costs, or the need for special treatment of costs, which would not have arisen had the Federal award not been terminated. Cost principles covering these items are set forth in this section. They are to be used in conjunction with the other provisions of this part in termination situations.

(a) The cost of items reasonably usable on the non-Federal entity's other work must not be allowable unless the non-Federal entity submits evidence that it would not retain such items at cost without sustaining a loss. In deciding whether such items are reasonably usable on other work of the non-Federal entity, the Federal awarding agency should consider the non-Federal entity's plans and orders for current and scheduled activity. Contemporaneous purchases of common items by the non-Federal entity must be regarded as evidence that such items are reasonably usable on the non-Federal entity's other work. Any acceptance of common items as allocable to the terminated portion of the Federal award must be limited to the extent that the quantities of such items on hand, in transit, and on order are in excess of the reasonable quantitative requirements of other work.

(b) If in a particular case, despite all reasonable efforts by the non-Federal entity, certain costs cannot be discontinued immediately after the effective date of termination, such costs are generally allowable within the limitations set forth in this part, except that any such costs continuing after termination due to the negligent or willful failure of the non-Federal entity to discontinue such costs must be unallowable.

(c) Loss of useful value of special tooling, machinery, and equipment is generally allowable if:

(1) Such special tooling, special machinery, or equipment is not reasonably capable of use in the other work of the non-Federal entity,

(2) The interest of the Federal Government is protected by transfer of title or by other means deemed appropriate by the Federal awarding agency (see also § 200.313 (d)), and

(3) The loss of useful value for any one terminated Federal award is limited to that portion of the acquisition cost which bears the same ratio to the total acquisition cost as the terminated portion of the Federal award bears to the entire terminated Federal award and other Federal awards for which the special tooling, machinery, or equipment was acquired.

(d) Rental costs under unexpired leases are generally allowable where clearly shown to have been reasonably necessary for the performance of the terminated Federal award less the residual value of such leases, if:

(1) The amount of such rental claimed does not exceed the reasonable use value of the property leased for the period of the Federal award and such further period as may be reasonable, and

(2) The non-Federal entity makes all reasonable efforts to terminate, assign, settle, or otherwise reduce the cost of such lease. There also may be included the cost of alterations of such leased property, provided such alterations were necessary for the performance of the Federal award, and of reasonable restoration required by the provisions of the lease.

(e) Settlement expenses including the following are generally allowable:

(1) Accounting, legal, clerical, and similar costs reasonably necessary for:

(i) The preparation and presentation to the Federal awarding agency of settlement claims and supporting data with respect to the terminated portion of the Federal award, unless the termination is for cause (see subpart D, including §§ 200.339–200.343); and

(ii) The termination and settlement of subawards.

(2) Reasonable costs for the storage, transportation, protection, and disposition of property provided by the Federal Government or acquired or produced for the Federal award.

(f) Claims under subawards, including the allocable portion of claims which are common to the Federal award and to other work of the non-Federal entity, are generally allowable. An appropriate share of the non-Federal entity's indirect costs may be allocated to the amount of settlements with contractors and/or subrecipients, provided that the amount allocated is otherwise consistent with the basic guidelines contained in § 200.414. The indirect costs so allocated must exclude the same and similar costs claimed directly or indirectly as settlement expenses.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013. Redesignated and amended at 85 FR 49570, Aug. 13, 2020]