U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: May 21, 2024

§ 184.4 - Applying the Buy America Preference to a Federal award.

(a) Applicability of Buy America Preference to infrastructure projects. The Buy America Preference applies to Federal awards where funds are appropriated or otherwise made available for infrastructure projects in the United States, regardless of whether infrastructure is the primary purpose of the Federal award.

(b) Including the Buy America Preference in Federal awards. All Federal awards with infrastructure projects must include the Buy America Preference in the terms and conditions. The Buy America Preference must be included in all subawards, contracts, and purchase orders for the work performed, or products supplied under the Federal award. The terms and conditions of a Federal award flow down to subawards to subrecipients unless a particular section of the terms and conditions of the Federal award specifically indicate otherwise.

(c) Infrastructure in general. Infrastructure encompasses public infrastructure projects in the United States, which includes, at a minimum, the structures, facilities, and equipment for roads, highways, and bridges; public transportation; dams, ports, harbors, and other maritime facilities; intercity passenger and freight railroads; freight and intermodal facilities; airports; water systems, including drinking water and wastewater systems; electrical transmission facilities and systems; utilities; broadband infrastructure; and buildings and real property; and structures, facilities, and equipment that generate, transport, and distribute energy including electric vehicle (EV) charging.

(d) Interpretation of infrastructure. The Federal awarding agency should interpret the term “infrastructure” broadly and consider the description provided in paragraph (c) of this section as illustrative and not exhaustive. When determining if a particular project of a type not listed in the description in paragraph (c) constitutes “infrastructure,” the Federal awarding agency should consider whether the project will serve a public function, including whether the project is publicly owned and operated, privately operated on behalf of the public, or is a place of public accommodation, as opposed to a project that is privately owned and not open to the public.

(e) Categorization of articles, materials, and supplies. (1) An article, material, or supply should only be classified into one of the following categories:

(i) Iron or steel products;

(ii) Manufactured products;

(iii) Construction materials; or

(iv) Section 70917(c) materials.

(2) An article, material, or supply should not be considered to fall into multiple categories. In some cases, an article, material, or supply may not fall under any of the categories listed in paragraph (e)(1) of this section. The classification of an article, material, or supply as falling into one of the categories listed in paragraph (e)(1) must be made based on its status at the time it is brought to the work site for incorporation into an infrastructure project. In general, the work site is the location of the infrastructure project at which the iron, steel, manufactured products, and construction materials will be incorporated.

(f) Application of the Buy America Preference by category. An article, material, or supply incorporated into an infrastructure project must meet the Buy America Preference for only the single category in which it is classified.