U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 13.6 - Reimbursement of State and local governments.

(a) State and local governments providing services, personnel, equipment, or facilities to the affected metropolitan area pursuant to § 13.5 may forward to the Assistant Secretary a bill for reimbursement for the personnel, equipment, facilities, and services utilized in meeting the extraordinary protective need. The bill shall be in accordance with the format in appendix II of this part. The Assistant Secretary will reimburse only those costs directly related to the extraordinary protective need including personnel and equipment costs resulting from assignments made to assist in providing security at an otherwise qualified location in connection with the arrival, departure, or during the visit of a foreign dignitary. Reimbursable costs will also include the costs for establishing both fixed posts at a qualified location and protective perimeters outside of a qualified location when it is clearly established to the satisfaction of the Assistant Secretary that such assignments were necessary to assure the safety of the qualified location. Overhead and administrative costs associated with an extraordinary protective need are reimbursable as either a flat 18 percent of the total extraordinary protective need costs, or, if such costs can be clearly segregated from routine police costs, on a dollar-for-dollar basis. The jurisdiction seeking such reimbursement may select either method but may not use both. For the purposes of reimbursement the Assistant Secretary will, in all cases, determine when the extraordinary protective need began and terminated.

[45 FR 30622, May 9, 1980]