U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 17, 2024

§ 247.5 - Responsibilities.

(a) The Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, consistent with DoD Directive 5122.5, 10 shall:

10 See footnote 1 to § 247.1.

(1) Develop policies and provide guidance on the administration of the DoD Internal Information Program.

(2) Provide policy and operational direction to the Director, AFIS.

(3) Monitor and evaluate overall mission effectiveness within the Department of Defense for matters under this part.

(b) The Director, American Forces Information Service, shall:

(1) Develop and oversee the implementation of policies and procedures pertaining to the management, content, and publication of DoD publications encompassed by this part.

(2) Serve as DoD point of contact with the Joint Committee on Printing, Congress of the United States, for matters under this part.

(3) Serve as the DoD point of contact in the United States for Combatant Command newspaper matters.

(4) Provide guidance to the Combatant Commands, Military Departments, and other DoD Components pertaining to DoD publications.

(5) Monitor effectiveness of business and financial operations of DoD publications and provide business counsel and assistance, as appropriate.

(6) Sponsor a DoD Interservice Newspaper Committee and a Flagship Magazine Committee composed of representatives of the Military Departments to coordinate matters on publications encompassed by this part and flagship magazine matters, respectively.

(7) Provide a press service for joint-Service news and information for use by authorized DoD publication editors.

(c) The Secretaries of the Military Departments shall:

(1) Provide policy guidance and assistance to the Department's publications.

(2) Encourage the use of CE publications when they are the most cost-effective means of fulfilling the command communication requirement.

(3) Ensure that adequate resources are available to support authorized internal information products under this part.

(4) Designate a member of their public affairs staff to serve on the DoD Interservice Newspaper Committee.

(5) Ensure all printing obtained with appropriated funds complies with DoD Directive 5330.3.

(d) The Commanders of Combatant Commands shall:

(1) Publish Combatant Command newspapers, if authorized. In discharging this responsibility, the Commander shall ensure that policy, direction, resources, and administrative support are provided, as required, to produce a professional quality newspaper to support the command mission.

(2) Ensure that the newspaper is prepared to support U.S. forces in the command area during contingencies and armed conflict.