U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 13, 2024

§ 247.6 - Procedures.

(a) General. (1) National security information shall be protected in accordance with DoD Directive 5200.1 11 and DoD 5200.1-R. 12

11 See footnote 1 to § 247.1.

12 See footnote 1 to § 247.1.

(2) Specific items of internal information of interest to DoD personnel and their family members prepared for publication in DoD publications may be made available to requesters if the information can be released as provided in DoD Directive 5400.7 13 and DoD 5400.1-R. 14

13 See footnote 1 to § 247.1.

14 See footnote 1 to § 247.1.

(3) Editorial policies of DoD publications shall be designed to improve the ability of DoD personnel to execute the missions of the Department of Defense.

(4) DoD editors of publications covered under this part shall conform to applicable policies, regulations, and laws involving the collection, processing, storage, use, publication and distribution of information by DoD Components (e.g., libel, photographic image alteration, copyright, sexually explicit materials, classification of information, protection of sensitive information and U.S. Government printing and postal regulations).

(5) DoD publications shall comply with DoD Directive 5400.11 15 regarding the DoD privacy program.

15 See footnote 1 to § 247.1.

(b) Establishment of DoD newspapers. (1) Commanders are authorized to establish Funded newspapers (appendix A to this part) or CE newspapers (appendix B to this part) when:

(i) A valid internal information mission requirement exists.

(A) Command or installation newspapers provide the commander a primary means of communicating mission-essential information to members of the command. They provide feedback through such forums as letters to the editor columns. This alerts the commander to the emotional status and state of DoD knowledge of the command. The newspaper is used as a return conduit for command information to improve attitudes and increase knowledge.

(B) News reports and feature stories on individuals and organizational elements of the command provides a crossfeed of DoD information, which improves internal cooperation and mission performance. Recognition of excellence in individual or organizational performance motivates and sets forth expected norms for mission accomplishment.

(C) The newspaper improves morale by quelling rumors and keeping members informed on DoD information that will affect their futures. It provides information and assistance to family members, which improve their spirits and thereby the effectiveness of their military service and/or civilian member. The newspaper encourages participation in various positive leisure-time activities to improve morale and deter alcohol abuse and other pursuits that impair their ability to perform.

(D) The newspaper provides information to make command members aware of the hazards of the abuse of drugs and other substances, and of the negative impact that substance abuse has on readiness.

(E) CE newspapers provide advertisements that guide command members to outlets where they may fulfill their purchasing needs. A by-product of this commercial contact is increased installation-community communication, which enhances mutual support.

(F) The newspaper increases organizational cohesiveness and effectiveness by providing a visual representation of the essence of the command itself.

(G) Good journalistic practices are vital, but are not an end unto themselves. They are the primary means to enhance receptivity of command communication through the newspaper.

(H) The newspaper exists to facilitate accomplishment of the command or installation mission. That is the only basis for the expenditure of DoD resources to produce them.

(ii) A newspaper is determined by the commander and the next higher level of command to be the most cost-effective means of fulfilling the command internal communication requirement.

(2) The use of appropriated funds is authorized to establish a Funded newspaper if a CE newspaper is not feasible. The process of establishing a newspaper must include an investigation of the feasibility of publishing under the CE concept. This investigation must include careful consideration of the potential for real or apparent conflict of interest. If publishing under the CE concept is determined to be feasible, commanders must ensure that they have obtained approval to establish the newspaper before authorizing their representatives to negotiate a contract with a CE publisher.

(3) DoD newspapers are mission activities. The use of nonappropriated funds for any aspect of their operations is not authorized.

(4) Appropriated funds shall not be used to pay any part of the commercial publisher's costs incurred in publishing a CE publication.

(5) Only one DoD newspaper or magazine is authorized for each command or installation.

(i) If a newspaper is required at an installation where more than one command or headquarters is collocated, the host commander shall be responsible for publication of one funded or CE newspaper for all. The host command shall provide balanced and sufficient coverage of the other commands, their personnel, and activities in that locality. These commands, or headquarters, shall assist the staff of the host newspaper with coverage. If required by unusual circumstance, a commander other than the host may publish the single authorized newspaper when the majority of affected organizations concur.

(ii) This provision is not intended to prohibit the headquarters of a geographically dispersed command that receives its local coverage in the host installation newspaper from publishing a command-wide newspaper; nor is it intended to prohibit a command that has information needs that are significantly different from the majority of the host installation audience from publishing a separate newspaper, when authorized by the designated approving authority. (See appendix E to this part).

(iii) Establishment of CE Guides and Installation Maps. When valid communication requirements exist, publications in this category may be established by the commander, if feasible. (See appendix B to this part) Only one CE guide and installation map is authorized for each command or installation. The requirements of paragraph (b)(4) of this section, apply to CE guides and installation maps. These publications shall be approved by the next higher level. Approval authorities shall exercise care not to overburden community advertisers.

(iv) Use of trademark. The DoD Components and their subordinate levels shall trademark—State, Federal, or both—the names of their publications when possible.

(v) Use of recycled products. The public affairs office shall, whenever possible, based on contractual agreements, use recycled paper for publications covered under this part.

(vi) Mailing requirements and sales and distribution of non-DoD publications. See appendix C to this part.

(vii) AFIS print media directorate. See appendix D to this part.

(viii) DoD command newspaper and magazine review system. See appendix E to this part.

(6) When, in the opinion of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, or the Combatant Command Commander, a Combatant Command newspaper is needed, establishment shall be directed by the Secretary of Defense. Both appropriated and nonappropriated funds may be used in the publication of overseas Combatant Command newspapers.

(7) Establishment of magazines. New magazines shall be approved by the Head of the publishing DoD Component. New magazines serving the Military Services shall be approved in accordance with Service procedures. Only one DoD magazine or newspaper is authorized for each command or installation. Magazines are normally financed through appropriated funds. When CE magazines are approved, provisions in this part regarding advertising and contracting for CE publications apply to CE magazines. Magazines must:

(i) Serve a clearly defined purpose in support of the mission of the publishing DoD Component, and the purpose must justify the cost.

(ii) Not duplicate equivalent magazines serving the same, or substantially the same purpose.

(iii) Be published and distributed efficiently and economically.

(iv) Be reviewed every two years by the publishing DoD Component to ensure they are in compliance with this part, are mission essential, and are economically achieving their desired objective.