U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 22, 2024

§ 263.10 - Parking.

(a) No person, unless otherwise authorized by a posted traffic sign or directed by a uniformed guard, shall stand or park a motor vehicle:

(1) On a sidewalk, lawn, plants or shrubs.

(2) Within an intersection or within a crosswalk.

(3) Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, 5 feet of a driveway or 30 feet of a stop sign or traffic control device.

(4) At any place which would result in the vehicle being double parked.

(5) At curbs painted yellow.

(6) In a direction facing on-coming traffic.

(7) In a manner which would obstruct traffic.

(8) In a parking space marked as not intended for his or her use.

(9) Where directed not to do so by a uniformed guard.

(10) Except in an area specifically designated for parking or standing.

(11) Except within a single space marked for such purposes, when parking or standing in an area with marked spaces.

(12) At any place in violation of any posted sign.

(13) In excess of 24 hours, unless permission has been granted by the Security Office.

(b) No person shall park bicycles, motorbikes or similar vehicles in areas not designated for that purpose.

(c) Visitors shall park in areas identified for that purpose by posted signs and shall register their vehicles at the front desk of Erskine Hall, Ruth Building or Fremont Building.

(d) No person, except visitors, shall park a motor vehicle on the Brookmont site without having a valid parking permit displayed on such motor vehicle in compliance with the instructions of the issuing authority.