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§ 145.10 - Location, number, and installation of fire extinguishers.

(a) Approved portable and semi-portable extinguishers must be installed in accordance with Table 145.10(a).

(b) Semi-portable extinguishers must be located in the open so as to be readily seen.

(c) Semi-portable extinguishers must be fitted with a suitable hose and nozzle, or other practicable means, so all of the space can be protected.

(d) Table 145.10(a) of this section indicates the minimum number and size of fire extinguishers required for each space listed. Extinguishers with larger numerical ratings or multiple letter designations may be used if the extinguishers meet the requirements of the table.

Table 145.10(a)—Portable and Semi-Portable Extinguishers

Space Minimum
Quantity and location
Safety Areas:
Communicating corridors2-A1 in each main corridor not more than 150 ft apart. (May be located in stairways.)
Radio room20-B:C1 in the vicinity of the exit.
Sleeping accommodations2-A1 in each sleeping accommodation space outfitted for 4 or more persons.
Service Spaces:
Galleys40-B:C1 for each 2,500 sq ft of floor space or fraction thereof.
Storerooms2-A1 for each 2,500 sq ft of floor space or fraction thereof. The extinguisher must be located in the vicinity of the exits, either inside or outside of spaces.
Machinery Spaces:
Gas-fired boilers40-B2 required.
160-B1 required. 1
Oil-fired boilers40-B2 required.
160-B2 required. 1
Internal combustion or gas turbine engines40-B1 for each engine. 2
Electric motors or generators of open type40-B:C1 for each 2 motors or generators. 3

1 Not required where a fixed extinguishing system is installed.

2 When the installation is on the weather deck or open to the atmosphere at all times, then one 40-B extinguisher for every three engines is allowable.

3 Small electrical appliances, such as fans, are exempt.

[CGFR 56-4, 21 FR 903, Feb. 9, 1956, as amended by USCG-2012-0196, 81 FR 48243, July 22, 2016]