U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 154.320 - Operations manual: Amendment.

(a) Using the following procedures, the COTP may require the facility operator to amend the operations manual if the COTP finds that the operations manual does not meet the requirements in this subchapter:

(1) The COTP will notify the facility operator in writing of any inadequacies in the Operations Manual. The facility operator may submit information, views, and arguments regarding the inadequacies identified, and proposals for amending the Manual, in print or electronically, within 45 days from the date of the COTP notice. After considering all relevant material presented, the COTP will notify the facility operator of any amendment required or adopted, or the COTP will rescind the notice. The amendment becomes effective 60 days after the facility operator receives the notice, unless the facility operator petitions the Commandant to review the COTP's notice, in which case its effective date is delayed pending a decision by the Commandant. Petitions to the Commandant must be submitted in writing via the COTP who issued the requirement to amend the Operations Manual.

(2) If the COTP finds that there is a condition requiring immediate action to prevent the discharge or risk of discharge of oil or hazardous material that makes the procedure in paragraph (a)(1) of this section impractical or contrary to the public interest, the COTP may issue an amendment effective on the date the facility operator receives notice of it. In such a case, the COTP will include a brief statement of the reasons for the findings in the notice. The owner or operator may petition the Commandant to review the amendment, but the petition does not delay the amendment.

(b) The facility operator may propose amendments to the operations manual by:

(1) Submitting any proposed amendment and reasons for the amendment to the COTP in printed or electronic format not less than 30 days before the requested effective date of the proposed amendment; or

(2) If an immediate amendment is needed, requesting the COTP to examine the amendment immediately.

(c) The COTP will respond to proposed amendments submitted under paragraph (b) of this section by:

(1) Notifying the facility operator that the amendments have been examined by the Coast Guard; or

(2) Notifying the facility operator of any inadequacies in the operations manual or proposed amendments, with an explanation of why the manual or amendments do not meet the requirements of this subchapter.

(d) Amendments to personnel and telephone number lists required by § 154.310(a)(7) of this part do not require examination by the COTP, but the COTP must be advised of such amendments as they occur.

(e) Amendments may be submitted as page replacements or as an entire manual. When an entire manual is submitted, the facility operator must highlight or otherwise annotate the changes that were made since the last version examined by the Coast Guard. A revision date or other revision-specific identifying information must be included on the page replacements or amended manual.

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