U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 154.740 - Records.

Each facility operator shall maintain at the facility and make available for examination by the COTP:

(a) A copy of the letter of intent for the facility;

(b) The name of each person designated as a person in charge of transfer operations at the facility and certification that each person in charge has completed the training requirements of § 154.710 of this part;

(c) The date and result of the most recent test or examination of each item tested or examined under § 156.170 of this chapter;

(d) The hose information required by § 154.500 (e) and (g) except that marked on the hose;

(e) The record of all examinations of the facility by the COTP within the last 3 years;

(f) The Declaration of Inspection required by § 156.150(f) of this chapter;

(g) A record of all repairs made within the last three years involving any component of the facility's vapor control system required by subpart P of this part;

(h) A record of all automatic shut downs of the facility's vapor control system within the last 3 years; and

(i) Plans, calculations, and specifications of the facility's vapor control system certified under 33 CFR 154.2020 through 154.2025.

(j) If they are not marked as such, documentation that the portable radio devices in use at the facility under § 154.560 of this part are intrinsically safe.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 1625–0060) [CGD 75–124, 45 FR 7173, Jan. 31, 1980, as amended by CGD 88–102, 55 FR 25429, June 21, 1990; CGD 86–034, 55 FR 36254, Sept. 4, 1990; CGD 93–056, 61 FR 41461, Aug. 8, 1996; USCG–2006–25150, 71 FR 39209, July 12, 2006; USCG–1999–5150, 78 FR 42618, July 16, 2013]