U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: May 18, 2024

§ 154.1026 - Qualified individual and alternate qualified individual.

(a) The response plan must identify a qualified individual and at least one alternate who meet the requirements of this section. The qualified individual or alternate must be available on a 24-hour basis and be able to arrive at the facility in a reasonable time.

(b) The qualified individual and alternate must:

(1) Be located in the United States;

(2) Speak fluent English;

(3) Be familiar with the implementation of the facility response plan; and

(4) Be trained in the responsibilities of the qualified individual under the response plan.

(c) The owner or operator shall provide each qualified individual and alternate qualified individual identified in the plan with a document designating them as a qualified individual and specifying their full authority to:

(1) Activate and engage in contracting with oil spill removal organization(s);

(2) Act as a liaison with the predesignated Federal On-Scene Coordinator (OSC); and

(3) Obligate funds required to carry out response activities.

(d) The owner or operator of a facility may designate an organization to fulfill the role of the qualified individual and the alternate qualified individual. The organization must then identify a qualified individual and at least one alternate qualified individual who meet the requirements of this section. The facility owner or operator is required to list in the response plan the organization, the person identified as the qualified individual, and the person or person(s) identified as the alternate qualified individual(s).

(e) The qualified individual is not responsible for—

(1) The adequacy of response plans prepared by the owner or operator; or

(2) Contracting or obligating funds for response resources beyond the authority contained in their designation from the owner or operator of the facility.

(f) The liability of a qualified individual is considered to be in accordance with the provisions of 33 USC 1321(c)(4).