U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: May 23, 2024

§ 162.40 - Inland waterway from Delaware River to Chesapeake Bay, Del. and Md. (Chesapeake and Delaware Canal).

(a) Applicability. The regulations in this section are applicable to that part of the inland waterway from Delaware River to Chesapeake Bay, Del. and Md., between Reedy Point, Delaware River, and Old Town Point Wharf, Elk River.

(b) Speed. No vessel in the waterway shall be raced or crowded alongside another vessel. Vessels of all types, including pleasure craft, are required to travel at all times at a safe speed throughout the canal and its approaches so as to avoid damage by suction or wave wash to wharves, landings, riprap protection, or other boats, or injury to persons. Pilots and vessel operators transiting the canal and its approaches are warned that violation of this rule may result in having their privilege to transit the canal suspended. Passages of vessels through the canal will be monitored and specific cases will be investigated where damage by suction or wave wash does occur. Owners and operators of yachts, motorboats, rowboats and other craft are cautioned that large deep draft ocean-going vessels and other large commercial vessels ply the canal, and such owners and operators should be particularly careful to moor or anchor well away from the main ship channels, with moorings and lines which are sufficient and proper.

(c) Right-of-way. All vessels proceeding with the current shall have the right-of-way over those proceeding against the current. Large vessels or tows must not overtake and attempt to pass other large vessels or tows in the waterway. All small pleasure craft shall relinquish the right-of-way to deeper draft vessels, which have a limited maneuvering ability due to their draft and size.

(d) Stopping in waterway. Vessels will not be permitted to stop or anchor in the ship channel.

(e) Water skiing. Water skiing in the waterway is prohibited between Reedy Point and Welch Point.

(f) Sailboats. Transiting the canal by vessels under sail is not permitted between Reedy Point and Welch Point.


The Corps of Engineers also has regulations dealing with this section in 33 CFR Part 207.