U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 207.600 - Rochester (Charlotte) Harbor, N.Y.; use, administration, and navigation.

(a)-(b) [Reserved]

(c) No vessel shall moor or anchor to any structure of the United States without the consent of the District Engineer, U.S. Army, in charge of the locality, or his authorized agent.

(d) No vessel shall moor or anchor in or along any improved channel or basin in such manner as to interfere with improvement or maintenance operations therein. Whenever in the opinion of the District Engineer any vessel is so moored or anchored, the owner thereof shall cause said vessel to be moved upon notification from and within the time specified by said District Engineer.

[Regs., May 5, 1938, as amended at 25 FR 8908, Sept. 16, 1960; 42 FR 57962, Nov. 7, 1977]