U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 207.610 - St. Lawrence River, Cape Vincent Harbor, N.Y.; use, administration, and navigation of the harbor and U.S. breakwater.

(a)-(c) [Reserved]

(d) Vessels shall observe the following rule in mooring to the breakwater: The first self-propelled vessel stopping at the harbor for shelter will proceed to the upstream end of the breakwater and moor along either side of it. All similar vessels entering later will place themselves in a compact position close to those preceding them. Passenger vessels will, in general, have preference as to location of moorage. Sailing craft will so locate themselves that they will not lie in the way of other vessels entering the harbor. All vessels of every description will place themselves so as not to interfere with any work of reconstruction or repair that may be in progress at the time.

(e) The use of chains in making fast to the breakwater is prohibited. Lines must be attached to the snubbing posts only, and outboard anchors taken in.

(f) Vessels with other craft in tow will, if practicable, at once, moor them compactly along the breakwater, either taking in the towlines or placing the slack in them upon the breakwater in such a manner as not to interfere with other vessels. If necessary to moor alongside of other vessels moored to the breakwater, the towlines shall be taken in or disposed of in such a manner as not to interfere with the departure of vessels moored between them and the breakwater.

(g) Vessels of every description mooring to the breakwater, must place suitable fenders between themselves and the breakwater to protect the timber walings on the breakwater from damage.

(h) The unloading of freight of any class upon the breakwater is expressly prohibited, except in accordance with special permission from the said District Engineer or his representative.

(i) Each and every vessel made fast to the breakwater, or anchored in the harbor without a line made fast to the shore or shore dock, must have at least one experienced person upon it during the entire time said vessel is thus moored in the harbor.

[Regs., May 6, 1938, as amended at 25 FR 8908, Sept. 16, 1960; 42 FR 57962, Nov. 7, 1977]