U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 50.2 - Composition of Board.

(a) The Board will be composed of five commissioned officers designated for each case from a panel appointed by the Commandant. The senior Coast Guard members of the panel will designate the members of the Board for each case, three of whom shall be officers of the Coast Guard and two of whom shall be officers of the Public Health Service.

(b) The senior Coast Guard member of the Board will be President and the junior Coast Guard member will be Recorder.

(c) The Board will convene at the time and place designated by the President for each case, and will recess and adjourn at his order.

[10 FR 5650, May 17, 1945. Redesignated at 13 FR 7303, Nov. 30, 1948, as amended by CGFR 53–12, 18 FR 2953, May 22, 1953]