U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Dec 06, 2022

§ 79.1 - Purpose.

(a) The regulations in this part establish definitions, standards, procedures and guidelines to be followed by Federal agencies to preserve collections of prehistoric and historic material remains, and associated records, recovered under the authority of the Antiquities Act (54 U.S.C. 320301-320303), the Reservoir Salvage Act(54 U.S.C. 312501-312508), section 110 of the National Historic Preservation Act (54 U.S.C. 306101-306114) or the Archaeological Resources Protection Act (16 U.S.C. 470aa-mm). They establish:

(1) Procedures and guidelines to manage and preserve collections;

(2) Terms and conditions for Federal agencies to include in contracts, memoranda, agreements or other written instruments with repositories for curatorial services;

(3) Standards to determine when a repository has the capability to provide long-term curatorial services; and

(4) Guidelines to provide access to, loan and otherwise use collections.

(b) The regulations in this part contain three appendices that provide additional guidance for use by the Federal Agency Official.

(1) Appendix A to these regulations contains an example of an agreement between a Federal agency and a non- Federal owner of material remains who is donating the remains to the Federal agency.

(2) Appendix B to these regulations contains an example of a memorandum of understanding between a Federal agency and a repository for long-term curatorial services for a federally-owned collection.

(3) Appendix C to these regulations contains an example of an agreement between a repository and a third party for a short-term loan of a federally-owned collection (or a part thereof).

(4) The three appendices are meant to illustrate how such agreements might appear. They should be revised according to the:

(i) Needs of the Federal agency and any non-Federal owner;

(ii) Nature and content of the collection; and

(iii) Type of contract, memorandum, agreement or other written instrument being used.

(5) When a repository has preexisting standard forms (e.g., a short-term loan form) that are consistent with the regulations in this part, those forms may be used in lieu of developing new ones.

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