U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 12, 2024

§ 801.8 - Public participation.

(a) The Council encourages maximum public participation in the process established by these regulations. Particularly important, with respect to the UDAG program, is participation by the citizens of neighborhoods directly or indirectly affected by projects, and by groups concerned with historic and cultural preservation.

(b) The applicant, in preparing and following its citizen participation plan called for by 24 CFR 570.456(c)(11)(i)(A), should ensure that adequate provision is made for participation by citizens and organizations having interests in historic preservation and in the historic and cultural values represented in affected neighborhoods. 24 CFR 570.431(c) sets forth criteria for citizen participation plans. These should be carefully considered with specific reference to ensuring that local concerns relevant to historic preservation are fully identified, and that citizens are provided with full and accurate information about each project and its effects on historic properties. The applicant should ensure that potentially concerned citizens and organizations are fully involved in the identification of properties which may meet the National Register Criteria, and that they are fully informed, in a timely manner, of determinations of No Effect, No Adverse Effect, and Adverse Effect, and of the progress of the consultation process. Applicants are referred to 36 CFR 800.15 for Council guidelines for public participation.

(c) The Council welcomes the views of the public, especially those groups which may be affected by the proposed project, during its evaluation of the applicant's determination of effect, and will solicit the participation of the public in Council and panel meetings held to consider projects.