U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 124.54 - Special provisions for State certification and concurrence on applications for section 301(h) variances.

(a) When an application for a permit incorporating a variance request under CWA section 301(h) is submitted to a State, the appropriate State official shall either:

(1) Deny the request for the CWA section 301(h) variance (and so notify the applicant and EPA) and, if the State is an approved NPDES State and the permit is due for reissuance, process the permit application under normal procedures; or

(2) Forward a copy of the certification required under CWA section 401(a)(1) to the Regional Administrator.

(b) When EPA issues a tentative decision on the request for a variance under CWA section 301(h), and no certification has been received under paragraph (a) of this section, the Regional Administrator shall forward the tentative decision to the State. If the State fails to deny or grant certification and concurrence under paragraph (a) of this section within the reasonable period of time provided in CWA section 401(a)(1), certification shall be waived and the State shall be deemed to have concurred in the issuance of a CWA section 301(h) variance.

(c) Any certification provided by a State under paragraph (a)(2) of this section shall constitute the State's concurrence (as required by section 301(h)) in the issuance of the permit incorporating a section 301(h) variance subject to any conditions specified therein by the State. CWA section 301(h) certification and concurrence under this section will not be forwarded to the State by EPA for recertification after the permit issuance process; States must specify any conditions required by State law, including water quality standards, in the initial certification.

[48 FR 14264, Apr. 1, 1983, as amended at 88 FR 66666, Sept. 27, 2023]