U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 15, 2024

§ 270.170 - After my RAP is issued, how may it be modified, revoked and reissued, or terminated?

In your RAP, the Director must specify, either directly or by reference, procedures for future modifications, revocations and reissuance, or terminations of your RAP. These procedures must provide adequate opportunities for public review and comment on any modification, revocation and reissuance, or termination that would significantly change your management of your remediation waste, or that otherwise merits public review and comment. If your RAP has been incorporated into a traditional RCRA permit, as allowed under § 270.85(c), then the RAP will be modified according to the applicable requirements in §§ 270.40 through 270.42, revoked and reissued according to the applicable requirements in §§ 270.41 and 270.43, or terminated according to the applicable requirements of § 270.43.