U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Sep 23, 2023

§ 280.62 - Initial abatement measures and site check.

(a) Unless directed to do otherwise by the implementing agency, owners and operators must perform the following abatement measures:

(1) Remove as much of the regulated substance from the UST system as is necessary to prevent further release to the environment;

(2) Visually inspect any aboveground releases or exposed belowground releases and prevent further migration of the released substance into surrounding soils and groundwater;

(3) Continue to monitor and mitigate any additional fire and safety hazards posed by vapors or free product that have migrated from the UST excavation zone and entered into subsurface structures (such as sewers or basements);

(4) Remedy hazards posed by contaminated soils that are excavated or exposed as a result of release confirmation, site investigation, abatement, or corrective action activities. If these remedies include treatment or disposal of soils, the owner and operator must comply with applicable state and local requirements;

(5) Measure for the presence of a release where contamination is most likely to be present at the UST site, unless the presence and source of the release have been confirmed in accordance with the site check required by § 280.52(b) or the closure site assessment of § 280.72(a). In selecting sample types, sample locations, and measurement methods, the owner and operator must consider the nature of the stored substance, the type of backfill, depth to groundwater and other factors as appropriate for identifying the presence and source of the release; and

(6) Investigate to determine the possible presence of free product, and begin free product removal as soon as practicable and in accordance with § 280.64.

(b) Within 20 days after release confirmation, or within another reasonable period of time determined by the implementing agency, owners and operators must submit a report to the implementing agency summarizing the initial abatement steps taken under paragraph (a) of this section and any resulting information or data.