U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jun 02, 2023

§ 300.335 - Funding.

(a) The OSLTF is available under certain circumstances to fund removal of oil performed under section 311 of the CWA. Those circumstances and the procedures for accessing the OSLTF are described in 33 CFR part 136. The responsible party is liable for costs of federal removal and damages in accordance with section 311(f) of the CWA, section 1002 of the OPA, and other federal laws.

(b) Where the OSC requests assistance from a federal agency, that agency may be reimbursed in accordance with the provisions of 33 CFR part 136. Specific interagency reimbursement agreements may be used when necessary to ensure that the federal resources will be available for a timely response to a discharge of oil.

(c) Procedures for funding the initiation of natural resource damage assessment are covered in 33 CFR part 136.

(d) Response actions other than removal, such as scientific investigations not in support of removal actions or law enforcement, shall be provided by the agency with legal responsibility for those specific actions.

(e) The funding of a response to a discharge from a federally owned, operated, or supervised facility or vessel is the responsibility of the owning, operating, or supervising agency if it is a responsible party.

(f) The following agencies have funds available for certain discharge removal actions:

(1) DOD has two specific sources of funds that may be applicable to an oil discharge under appropriate circumstances. This does not consider military resources that might be made available under specific conditions.

(i) Funds required for removal of a sunken vessel or similar obstruction of navigation are available to the Corps of Engineers through Civil Works Appropriations, Operations and Maintenance, General.

(ii) USN may conduct salvage operations contingent on defense operational commitments, when funded by the requesting agency. Such funding may be requested on a direct cite basis.

(2) Pursuant to Title I of the OPA, the state or states affected by a discharge of oil may act where necessary to remove such discharge. Pursuant to 33 CFR part 136 states may be reimbursed from the OSLTF for the reasonable costs incurred in such a removal.