U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 428.11 - Specialized definitions.

For the purpose of this subpart:

(a) Except as provided below, the general definitions, abbreviations and methods of analysis set forth in 40 CFR part 401 shall apply to this subpart.

(b) The term “raw material” shall mean all natural and synthetic rubber, carbon black, oils, chemical compounds, fabric and wire used in the manufacture of pneumatic tires and inner tubes or components thereof.

(c) The term “process waste water” shall mean, in the case of tire and inner tube plants constructed before 1959, discharges from the following: Soapstone solution applications; steam cleaning operations; air pollution control equipment; unroofed process oil unloading areas; mold cleaning operations; latex applications; and air compressor receivers. Discharges from other areas of such plants shall not be classified as process waste water for the purposes of this section.

(d) Except as provided in paragraphs (c) and (e) of this section, the term “process waste water” shall have the meaning set forth in § 401.11(q) of this chapter.

(e) Water used only for tread cooling shall be classified as “nonprocess waste water.”

[39 FR 6662, Feb. 21, 1974, as amended at 40 FR 18173, Apr. 25, 1975]