U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 467.01 - Applicability.

(a) Aluminum forming includes commonly recognized forming operations such as rolling, drawing, extruding, and forging and related operations such as heat treatment, casting, and surface treatments. Surface treatment of aluminum is any chemical or electrochemical treatment applied to the surface of aluminum. Such surface treatment is considered to be a part of aluminum forming whenever it is performed as an integral part of aluminum forming. For the purposes of this regulation, surface treatment of aluminum is considered to be an integral part of aluminum forming whenever it is performed at the same plant site at which aluminum is formed and such operations are not considered for regulation under the Electroplating and Metal Finishing provisions of 40 CFR parts 413 and 433. Casting aluminum when performed as an integral part of aluminum forming and located on-site at an aluminum forming plant is considered an aluminum forming operation and is covered under these guidelines. When aluminum forming is performed on the same site as primary aluminum reduction the casting shall be regulated by the nonferrous metals guidelines if there is no cooling of the aluminum prior to casting. If the aluminum is cooled prior to casting then the casting shall be regulated by the aluminum forming guidelines.

(b) This part applies to any aluminum forming facility, except for plants identified under paragraph (c) of this section, which discharges or may discharge pollutants to waters of the United States or which introduces or may introduce pollutants into a publicly owned treatment works.

(c) This part is applicable to indirect discharging aluminum forming plants that extrude less than 3 million pounds of product per year and draw, with emulsions or soaps, less than 1 million pounds per year.


This paragraph is promulgated as an Interim Final Rule.

[48 FR 49149, Oct. 24, 1983; 49 FR 11631, Mar. 27, 1984]