U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Oct 03, 2022

§ 501.32 - Procedures for revision of State programs.

(a) Any State with an approved State program which requires revision to comply with amendments to federal regulations governing sewage sludge use or disposal (including revisions to this part) must revise its program within one year after promulgation of applicable regulations, unless either the State must amend or enact a statute in order to make the required revision, in which case such revision must take place within 2 years; or a different schedule is established under the Memorandum of Agreement.

(b) State sludge management programs shall follow the procedures for program revision set forth in 40 CFR 123.62.

[54 FR 18786, May 2, 1989, as amended at 63 FR 45127, Aug. 24, 1998]