U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 600.514-12 - Reports to the Environmental Protection Agency.

This section establishes requirements for automobile manufacturers to submit reports to the Environmental Protection Agency regarding their efforts to reduce automotive greenhouse gas emissions.

(a) General Requirements. (1) For each model year, each manufacturer shall submit a pre-model year report.

(2) The pre-model year report required by this section for each model year must be submitted before the model year begins and before the certification of any test group, no later than December 31 of the calendar year two years before the model year. For example the pre-model year report for the 2012 model year must be submitted no later than December 31, 2010.

(3) Each report required by this section must:

(i) Identify the report as a pre-model year report;

(ii) Identify the manufacturer submitting the report;

(iii) State the full name, title, and address of the official responsible for preparing the report;

(iv) Be submitted to: Director, Compliance and Innovative Strategies Division, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2000 Traverwood, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105;

(v) Identify the current model year;

(vi) Be written in the English language; and

(vii) Be based upon all information and data available to the manufacturer approximately 30 days before the report is submitted to the Administrator.

(b) Content of pre-model year reports. (1) Each pre-model year report must include the following information for each compliance category for the applicable future model year and to the extent possible, two model years into the future:

(i) The manufacturer's estimate of its footprint-based fleet average CO2 standards (including temporary lead time allowance alternative standards, if applicable);

(ii) Projected total and model-level production volumes for each applicable standard category;

(iii) Projected fleet average CO2 compliance level for each applicable standard category; and the model-level CO2 emission values which form the basis of the projection;

(iv) Projected fleet average CO2 credit/debit status for each applicable standard category;

(v) A description of the various credit, transfer and trading options that will be used to comply with each applicable standard category, including the amount of credit the manufacturer intends to generate for air conditioning leakage, air conditioning efficiency, off-cycle technology, advanced technology vehicles, hybrid or low-emission full size pickup trucks, and various early credit programs;

(vi) A description of the method which will be used to calculate the carbon-related exhaust emissions for any electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles;

(vii) A summary by model year (beginning with the 2009 model year) of the number of electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, dedicated compressed natural gas vehicles, and dual fuel natural gas vehicles using (or projected to use) the advanced technology vehicle credit and incentives program, including the projected use of production multipliers;

(viii) The methodology which will be used to comply with N2O and CH4 emission standards; and

(ix) Notification of the manufacturer's intent to exclude emergency vehicles from the calculation of fleet average standards and the end-of-year fleet average, including a description of the excluded emergency vehicles and the quantity of such vehicles excluded.

(x) Other information requested by the Administrator.

(2) Manufacturers must submit, in the pre-model year report for each model year in which a credit deficit is generated (or projected to be generated), a compliance plan demonstrating how the manufacturer will comply with the fleet average CO2 standard by the end of the third year after the deficit occurred.

[75 FR 25718, May 7, 2010, as amended at 77 FR 63187, Oct. 15, 2012]