U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1066.245 - Response time verification.

(a) Overview. This section describes how to verify the dynamometer's response time to a step change in tractive force.

(b) Scope and frequency. Perform this verification upon initial installation, within 370 days before testing (i.e., annually), and after major maintenance.

(c) Procedure. Use the dynamometer's automated process to verify response time. You may perform this test either at two different inertia settings corresponding approximately to the minimum and maximum vehicle weights you expect to test or using base inertia and two acceleration rates that cover the range of acceleration rates experienced during testing (such as 0.5 and 8 (mi/hr)/s). Use good engineering judgment to select road-load coefficients representing vehicles of the appropriate weight. Determine the dynamometer's settling response time, ts, based on the point at which there are no measured results more than 10% above or below the final equilibrium value, as illustrated in Figure 1 of this section. The observed settling response time must be less than 100 milliseconds for each inertia setting. Figure 1 follows:

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