U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Mar 29, 2023

§ 1068.310 - Exclusions for imported engines/equipment.

If you show us that your engines/equipment qualify under one of the paragraphs of this section, we will approve your request to import such excluded engines/equipment. You must have our approval before importing engines/equipment under paragraph (a) of this section. You may, but are not required, to request our approval to import the engines/equipment under paragraph (b) through (d) of this section. Qualifying engines/equipment are excluded as follows:

(a) Nonroad engines/equipment used solely for competition. Nonroad engines/equipment that you demonstrate will be used solely for competition are excluded from the restrictions on imports in § 1068.301(b), but only if they are properly labeled. See the standard-setting part for provisions related to this demonstration that may apply. Section 1068.101(b)(4) prohibits anyone from using these excluded engines/equipment for purposes other than competition. We may waive the labeling requirement or allow a removable label for engines/equipment that are being temporarily imported for one or more specific competition events.

(b) Stationary engines. The definition of nonroad engine in § 1068.30 does not include certain engines used in stationary applications. Such engines (and equipment containing such engines) may be subject to the standards of 40 CFR part 60. Engines that are excluded from the definition of nonroad engine in this part and are not required to be certified to standards under 40 CFR part 60 are not subject to the restrictions on imports in § 1068.301(b), but only if they are properly labeled and there is clear and convincing evidence that each engine will be used in a stationary application (see paragraph (2)(iii) of the definition of “Nonroad engine”). Section 1068.101 restricts the use of stationary engines for non-stationary purposes unless they are certified under 40 CFR part 60 to the same standards that would apply to nonroad engines for the same model year.

(c) Hobby engines. The standard-setting parts exclude engines used in reduced-scale models of vehicles that are not capable of transporting a person.

(d) Other engines/equipment. The standard-setting parts may exclude engines/equipment used in certain applications. For example, engines used in aircraft are generally excluded. Engines/equipment used in underground mining are excluded if they are regulated by the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

(e) Labeling. For engines/equipment imported under paragraph (a) or (b) of this section, you must add a permanent label, consistent with § 1068.45, with at least the following items unless the standard-setting part includes other specific labeling requirements or we approve alternate label language that is more accurate for your engine/equipment:

(1) Include the heading “EMISSION CONTROL INFORMATION”.

(2) Include your full corporate name and trademark.

(3) State the engine displacement (in liters or cubic centimeters). We may also require that you include maximum engine power. If the engine's power is not established, state the approximate power.

(4) State: “THIS ENGINE IS EXEMPT FROM THE REQUIREMENTS OF [identify the part referenced in § 1068.1(a) that would otherwise apply], AS PROVIDED IN [identify the paragraph authorizing the exemption (for example, “40 CFR 1068.310(a)”)]. INSTALLING THIS ENGINE IN ANY DIFFERENT APPLICATION MAY BE A VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW SUBJECT TO CIVIL PENALTY.”

[73 FR 59344, Oct. 8, 2008, as amended at 81 FR 74231, Oct. 25, 2016; 87 FR 4717, Jan. 24, 2023]