U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jun 13, 2024

§ 1068.510 - How do I prepare and apply my remedial plan?

(a) In your remedial plan, describe all of the following:

(1) The class or category of engines/equipment to be recalled, including the number of engines/equipment involved and the model year or other information needed to identify the engines/equipment.

(2) The modifications, alterations, repairs, corrections, adjustments, or other changes you will make to correct the affected engines/equipment.

(3) A brief description of the studies, tests, and data that support the effectiveness of the remedy you propose to use.

(4) The instructions you will send to those who will repair the engines/equipment under the remedial plan.

(5) How you will determine the owners' names and addresses.

(6) How you will notify owners; include a copy of any notification letters.

(7) The proper maintenance or use you will specify, if any, as a condition to be eligible for repair under the remedial plan. Describe how these specifications meet the provisions of paragraph (e) of this section. Describe how the owners should show they meet your conditions.

(8) The steps owners must take for you to do the repair. You may set a date or a range of dates, specify the amount of time you need, and designate certain facilities to do the repairs.

(9) Which company (or group) you will assign to do or manage the repairs.

(10) If your employees or authorized warranty agents will not be doing the work, state who will and describe their qualifications.

(11) How you will ensure an adequate and timely supply of parts.

(12) The effect of proposed changes on fuel consumption, driveability, and safety of the engines/equipment you will recall; include a brief summary of the information supporting these conclusions.

(13) How you intend to label the engines/equipment you repair and where you will place the label on the engine/equipment (see § 1068.515).

(b) We may require you to add information if it is needed to evaluate your remedial plan.

(c) We may require you to test the proposed repair to show it will remedy the noncompliance.

(d) Use all reasonable means to locate owners. We may require you to use government or commercial registration lists to get owners' names and addresses so your notice will be effective.

(e) The maintenance or use that you specify as a condition for eligibility under the remedial plan may include only things you can show would cause noncompliance. Do not require use of a component or service identified by brand, trade, or corporate name unless we approved this approach with your original certificate of conformity. Also, do not place conditions on who maintained the engine/equipment.

(f) We may require you to adjust your repair plan if we determine owners would be without their engines or equipment for an unreasonably long time.

(g) We will tell you in writing within 15 days of receiving your remedial plan whether we have approved or disapproved it. We will explain our reasons for any disapproval.

(h) Begin notifying owners within 15 days after we approve your remedial plan. If we hold a hearing, but do not change our position about the noncompliance, you must begin notifying owners within 60 days after we complete the hearing unless we specify a later deadline.

[73 FR 59344, Oct. 8, 2008, as amended at 81 FR 74233, Oct. 25, 2016]