U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Mar 25, 2023

§ 1068.625 - Request for hearing - nonconformance penalties.

(a) You may request an informal hearing as described in § 1068.650 if you disagree with our determination of compliance level or penalty calculation or both. The hearing will address only whether the compliance level or penalty was determined in accordance with the regulations.

(b) Send a request for a hearing in writing to the Designated Compliance Officer within the following time frame, as applicable:

(1) No later than 15 days after we notify you that we have approved a nonconformance penalty under this subpart if the compliance level is in the allowable range of nonconformity.

(2) No later than 15 days after completion of the Production Compliance Audit if the compliance level exceeds the upper limit.

(3) No later than 15 days after we notify you of an adverse decision for all other cases.

(c) If you miss the specified deadline in paragraph (b) of this section, we may nevertheless grant you a hearing at our discretion.

(d) Your hearing request must include the information specified in § 1068.610(d).

(e) We will approve your request for an informal hearing if we find that your request raises a substantial factual issue in the decision we made that, if addressed differently, could alter the outcome of that decision.