U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Sep 29, 2022

§ 2201.1-1 - Assembled land exchanges.

(a) Whenever the authorized officer determines it to be practicable, an assembled land exchange arrangement may be used to facilitate exchanges and reduce costs.

(b) The parties to an exchange may agree to such an arrangement where multiple parcels of Federal and/or non-Federal lands are consolidated into a package for the purpose of completing one or more exchange transactions over a period of time.

(c) An assembled land exchange arrangement shall be documented in the agreement to initiate an exchange, pursuant to § 2201.1 of this part.

(d) Values of the Federal and non-Federal lands involved in an assembled exchange arrangement shall be estimated pursuant to § 2201.3 of this part.

(e) If more than one transaction is necessary to complete the exchange package, the parties shall establish a ledger account under which the Federal and non-Federal lands can be exchanged. When a ledger account is used, the authorized officer shall:

(1) Assure that the value difference between the Federal and non-Federal lands does not exceed 25 percent of the total value of the Federal lands conveyed in the assembled land exchange up to and including the current transaction;

(2) Assure that the values of the Federal and non-Federal lands conveyed are balanced with land and/or money at least every 3 years pursuant to § 2201.6 of this part; and

(3) If necessary, require from the non-Federal party a deposit of cash, bond or other approved surety in an amount equal to any outstanding value differential.

(4) Assembled land exchanges are subject to the value equalization and cash equalization waiver provisions of § 2201.6 of this part. Cash equalization waiver shall only be used in conjunction with the final transaction of the assembled land exchange and the termination of any ledger account used.

(f) The assembled exchange arrangement may be terminated unilaterally at any time upon written notice by any party or upon depletion of the Federal or non-Federal lands assembled. Prior to termination, values shall be equalized pursuant to § 2201.6 of this part.