U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Oct 04, 2022

§ 4120.3-8 - Range improvement fund.

(a) In addition to range developments accomplished through other resource management funds, authorized range improvements may be secured through the use of the appropriated range improvement fund. One-half of the available funds shall be expended in the State and district from which they were derived. The remaining one-half of the fund shall be allocated, on a priority basis, by the Secretary for on-the-ground rehabilitation, protection and improvement of public rangeland ecosystems.

(b) Funds appropriated for range improvements are to be used for investment in all forms of improvements that benefit rangeland resources including riparian area rehabilitation, improvement and protection, fish and wildlife habitat improvement or protection, soil and water resource improvement, wild horse and burro habitat management facilities, vegetation improvement and management, and livestock grazing management. The funds may be used for activities associated with on-the-ground improvements including the planning, design, layout, contracting, modification, maintenance for which the Bureau of Land Management is responsible, and monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of specific range improvement projects.

(c) During the planning of the range development or range improvement programs, the authorized officer shall consult the resource advisory council, affected permittees, lessees, and members of the interested public.

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