U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 4130.6–1 - Exchange-of-use grazing agreements.

(a) An exchange-of-use grazing agreement may be issued to an applicant who owns or controls lands that are unfenced and intermingled with public lands in the same allotment when use under such an agreement will be in harmony with the management objectives for the allotment and will be compatible with the existing livestock operations. The agreements shall contain appropriate terms and conditions required under § 4130.3 that ensure the orderly administration of the range, including fair and equitable sharing of the operation and maintenance of range improvements. The term of an exchange-of-use agreement may not exceed the length of the term for any leased lands that are offered in exchange-of-use.

(b) An exchange-of-use grazing agreement may be issued to authorize use of public lands to the extent of the livestock carrying capacity of the lands offered in exchange-of-use. No fee shall be charged for this grazing use.

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