U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jun 30, 2022

§ 23.3 - Definitions.

As used in the regulations in this part:

(a) Mineral leasing acts means the Mineral Leasing Act of February 25, 1920, as amended and supplemented (30 U.S.C. 181-287) and the Mineral Leasing Act for Acquired Lands (30 U.S.C. 351-359);

(b) Mining Supervisor means the Area Mining Supervisor, or his authorized representative, of the Geological Survey authorized as provided in 30 CFR 211.3 and 231.2 to supervise operations on the land covered by a permit or lease;

(c) District manager means the manager of the district office or other authorized officer of the Bureau of Land Management having administrative jurisdiction of and responsibility for the land covered by a permit, lease, contract, application, or offer;

(d) Overburden means all the earth and other materials which lie above a natural deposit of minerals and such earth and other materials after removal from their natural state in the process of mining;

(e) Area of land to be affected or area of land affected means the area of land from which overburden is to be or has been removed and upon which the overburden or waste is to be or has been deposited, and includes all lands affected by the construction of new roads or the improvement or use of existing roads to gain access to an operation and for haulage;

(f) Operation means all of the premises, facilities, roads, and equipment used in the process of determining the location, composition or quality of a mineral deposit, or in developing, extracting, or onsite processing of a mineral deposit in a designated area;

(g) Method of operation means the method or manner by which a cut or open pit is made, the overburden is placed or handled, water is controlled or affected and other pacts performed by the operator in the process of exploring or uncovering and removing or onsite processing of a mineral deposit;

(h) Holder or Operator means the permittee, leasee, or contractor designated in a permit, lease, or contract;

(i) Reclamation means measures undertaken to bring about the necessary reconditioning or restoration of land or water that has been affected by exploration or mineral development, mining or onsite processing operations, and waste disposal, in ways which will prevent or control onsite and offsite damage to the environment.

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