U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Oct 01, 2023

§ 49.210 - What terms and conditions must agreements between the bureau and approved repository contain?

(a) The Federal land manager will review existing agreements between the bureau and the approved repository to determine if these agreements adequately address the management of the collection. If adequate agreements do not already exist, the Federal land manager will work with the repository to develop a new agreement to cover this collection as well as other collections as appropriate.

(b) Agreements between the bureau and approved repository will contain the following information as deemed appropriate by the parties:

(1) Statement (updated as necessary) that identifies the collection(s) at the approved repository.

(2) Statement that asserts Federal ownership of the collection(s).

(3) Statement of work to be performed by the approved repository.

(4) Statement of the duties and responsibilities of the bureau and of the approved repository for the long-term care of the collection(s).

(5) Statement that the collections are available for scientific and educational uses and that the specific location data may be shared consistent with the Federal land manager's determination under § 49.25.

(6) Description of any special procedures or restrictions for access to or use of collections, consumptive analysis, or reproductions.

(7) Description of when and how the collection(s) may be loaned to other entities, including general parameters such as loan duration, purpose, responsibility, insurance, tracking, and packing/shipping materials.

(8) Statement describing the frequency, methods, and reporting process for inventories.

(9) Statement that all exhibits, publications, and studies of paleontological resources will acknowledge the bureau that administers the collection(s).

(10) Statement describing how copies of any publications or reports resulting from study of the collection(s) will be made available by the publication or report writers to the bureau.

(11) Statement describing how collection management records will be made available to the bureau that administers the collection(s).

(12) Statement that employees of the repository will work to preserve and protect specimens in their care using best professional practices, and will take no actions whereby any of the collection(s) shall or may be encumbered, seized, taken, sold, attached, lost, or stolen.

(13) Effective term of the agreement and procedures for modification, cancellation, suspension, extension, and termination of the agreement, including costs.

(14) Additional terms and conditions as needed to manage the collection(s).

(c) The agreement must be signed by an authorized representative of the approved repository and the Federal land manager.